What is CPA?

What is CPA pricing model and how to set it up for your campaign

CPA – Cost Per Action, which means that you only have to pay for conversions.

Before unlocking CPA option, you have to do create CPM Goal or CPC Goal campaign and initiate testing period.

First, you need to setup postback for your campaigns in order to track conversions.

Upon creation, the "Testing" stage begins. More on that below.

After successful test run, you're good to go: CPA campaign could be created.

How does it work?

There'a an option to choose either a single price for all of your targeted countries, or you may set up multiple pricing policies. For example, Price 1 would be $2 for Belgium and Price 2 would be $5 for Germany and Netherlands.

Bear in mind that before launch, your campaign must pass the test period, during which it will be granted "Testing" status.

During "Testing" stage of your campaign, a certain amount of funds is reserved on your balance, which could be calculated by the formula:

= (Price 1 + Price 2 +... + Price n) * 10

For example:

Price 1 = $2
Price 2 = $5
Reserved balance is: (2+5)*10=$70

Important to know

  • If you change anything in your campaign, testing period resets and starts over!

  • In order to successfully pass the testing period, your campaign must get at least 10 conversions from each country.

  • If your campaign did not get 10 conversions from a country, you will not receive traffic from there after the testing period.

  • If your campaign did not get 10 conversions at all, it will be granted "Failed" status and you should reconsider your country targets and/or prices.

  • If everything is OK, after 5 days your campaign will be granted "Success" status and you will begin to receive your conversions.
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