Full-Page Interstitial ads

What are the requirements for Interstitial Ads?

This is a display ad format. It looks like a banner that covers the full screen of the device. It works on mobile and desktop devices.

Name – name it as you like.

Size – size of the interstitial ad. Affects the target device variety available.

Rotation type – way of alternation of the ad creatives.

URL – a landing page link.

Common URL (optional, used with smart or random rotation types) – link heading to your landing page. Applied to all the creatives provided. URL overrides Common URL if filled.

Upload field – background image of the Interstitial ad. File restrictions: JPG, GIF or PNG format, 1024KB maximum. Please, note that files with WEBP container are not supported.

Interstitial ads sizes:

1920x1080 px for desktop.

900x1600 px for mobile devices.

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