How to integrate conversion tracking with OctoTracker

How to integrate conversion tracking with OctoTracker?

For starters, read this article from OctoTracker.

In our instruction, we will return to this article several times.

Step #1 - Create your postback URL

Log in to your Onclicka Advertiser Account, and click the Tracking tab.

Your Onclicka postback URL is created automatically.

You will need it in Step #4.

This token is unique for each user.

Step #2 - Add OnClicka as your traffic source on OctoTracker

Log in to your OctoTracker account, choose the Sources tab, and add New Traffic Source.

You can also read OctoTracker`s manual Traffic Settings - Sources.

Please note that different ad formats have different tokens. Add the parameters you need to track and save your new traffic source by clicking on the Save button.

Step #3 - Generate the Postback URL on OctoTracker

To get notified about conversions from the affiliate network you need to generate the Postback URL on OctoTracker containing the "CLICK ID" and add it to the affiliate network's panel.

Please refer OctoTracker Knowledge Base to find out how to add affiliate networks and offers and generate the postback URLs.

Add affiliate network.

  • Adding your Affiliate Network

  • Landing settings (optional)

Next, generate the Postback URL for the affiliate network.

Pay attention to sections 1, 2, and 3 of this article.

For example (we use iMonetizelt affiliate network):

Once you get your OctoTracker’s Postback URL, paste it into your affiliate network panel to pass data about conversions from the affiliate network to OctoTracker.

&p1=<token 1>

&p2=<token 2>

If you are experiencing any problems - contact your affiliate network support.

Click "Save" and use the resulting offer link in Step #4.

Step #4 - Set up the Campaign on OctoTracker

Click the Campaigns tab, then press New to open the new campaign configuration menu.

Dill out all mandatory fields.

  • Setting Traffic - Campaigns

Next, you need to configure TDS. Use this article for the correct settings TDS.

Insert in the field "URL" a link to the offer created in affiliate networks.

Also, you can set the Postback URL (from Step #1) to transfer the conversions to OnClicka.

But you need to set the Postback URL per section 4 of this article.

For example, in this case, the Postback URL will look like the following:{{p2}}&click_id={{p1}}&payout={{amount}}

👆 You’re all caught up