How to integrate conversion tracking with AdsBridge

How to integrate conversion tracking with AdsBridge

Step #1 - Create your postback URL

Log in to your OnClicka Advertiser Account, and click the Tracking tab.

Your OnClicka postback URL is created automatically.

This is your unique token. You will need it in the Step #2.

Step #2 - Add OnClicka as your traffic source on AdsBridge

Log in to your AdsBridge account, click Traffic Sources, and choose the Create Traffic Source tab below.

Click the Choose From Templates button.

Select OnClicka from the list and click Submit. AdsBridge will pre-populate all the necessary traffic source settings.

Please note that different ad formats have different tokens. You can remove unnecessary tokens and add the ones you need based on your ad format.

To do this, study the article that says which tokens support different advertising formats. These tokens will be used in the Campaign URL in step #4.

Don’t forget to change "YOUR_TOKEN" to your unique token from the postback URL that we created in Step #1.

Step #3 - Generate the postback URL on AdsBridge

To get notified about conversions from an affiliate network you need to generate the Postback URL on AdsBridge containing the "CLICK ID" and add it to an affiliate network's panel.

Please refer to AdsBridge Knowledge Base to find out how to add affiliate networks, and offers and generate the postback URLs.

Once you get your AdsBridges’ Postback URL, paste it to your affiliate network panel to pass data about conversions from the affiliate network to AdsBridge.

If you are experiencing any problems - contact your affiliate network support team.

To initiate a campaign, you have to create an Offer and a Landing accordingly. Please refer to the manuals below to get more information regarding the installation process.

Step #4 - Set up the Campaign on AdsBridge

Click the Campaigns tab and select Create Campaign.

Select "OnClicka" as the Traffic Source and fill out all other mandatory fields.

This will create a new campaign within the campaigns list and also generate the Campaign URL needed to direct traffic.

Once you’ve finished setting up your campaign’s destination paths click Save.

Now you can set up your campaign in OnClicka!

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