Add funds to account

How to top up your account?

1. Before adding funds, we recommend creating your campaign and getting it approved

All campaigns need moderator approval before going live. To ensure a smooth experience, start by creating an ad, then create your campaign and submit it for moderator approval.

Get to know how to create your first Campaign 

2. Once at least one of your campaigns is approved, you can proceed to add funds

Click the Add funds in the side menu

3. Select a payment method

Let’s look up Credit card with USD as an example

4. Enter top-up amount

Minimum of $45

5. Paste a Promo code if you've got any

You can find coupons with promo codes on our blog, newsletters, and social media:

· Telegram
· Instagram
· Facebook
· X (Twitter)

6. Click Proceed to the billing

In most cases, your balance will be replenished within 5 minutes.
In rare instances, it might take up to 4 hours.

If your balance has not been updated within this time frame, please contact our support manager via live-chat in the lower right corner.

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